Break from the program – Mon 3.27.17

 In W.O.D.

First off, congrats to all those for finishing the 2017 CrossFit Open!  Whether you signed up or not, we all did the workouts and pushed ourselves beyond what we thought we could.  Second, we’re taking a break from the regular program.  Whether you know it or not, we follow a program that hits all the major lifts, movements, and angles on a regular rotation.  This week we’ll take a break and probably do some maxing out… the CrossFit Total on Friday!

Skill: Power Snatch/ Snatch.  Include PVC Warm Up.

WOD Option #1: Complete for max weight:
– 1 mile Run
– 1 Power Snatch, Muscle Snatch, or Snatch – every minute increasing weight, till failure
– 1 mile Run

*Performance: start at 135/85, Fitness: start at 95/55#, Health: start at 65/45# and Clean&Jerk if needed
*Bars will NOT be set this time, set your first lift prior to the first run (long work week, didn’t have time)
*Performance/Fitness: add 10# each lift.  Health: add 5# each lift

Coaching tips: Snatch the heaviest weight possible. Upon returning from the first run, at the top of the next minute begin at your first bar. Perform 1 successful Power Snatch, (Snatch, Split Snatch, etc. OK too) in 1 minute. If you are successful, add weight to the bar and attempt a Snatch the next minute. Continue on each minute until you are unable to successfully make the lift. Do not add too much weight too quickly. If 95# is easy, don’t move past 105# to get to heavier weights, just use those easy weights and warm ups and dialing in your form.

Scaling: Everyone should go for a minimum of 10 successful lifts, even if you have to stay at a weight for a few minutes. If you have to stay at 105# for 3 minutes, because 115# was unattainable on the 7th minute, then do so, but allow others to lift before your attempt if they are moving past you.

WOD Option #2: Complete for time:
– 5K Run or 5K Row

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