Call it trunk – Wed 2.15.17

 In W.O.D.

Call it the trunk, as John Welbourne of “Johnnie WOD” (formerly CrossFit Football) says.  Because “Core” is only slightly more overused than “functional fitness”.  Every movement we do is a “Trunk” movement.  No just the easy movements that end in the term “sit up”.  How can you use your trunk to have for a stronger, more stable Floor or Bench Press?

Strength:  Floor Press 2-2-2-2-2

Conditioning: For Quality for 20:00:
– 10 Toes to Bar or Med Ball to Toes (performed exactly as it sounds)
– 10 Hollow Rocks
– 10 Get Up Sit Ups – alternate hands as needed

Set the clock for 20 minutes and do as many rounds of the following as possible in that 20 minutes. Move at a good pace, but focus on the movements not on just completing them.  Add weight as needed throughout the rounds.

Get Up Sit Up?:

This exercise is the first phase of the Turkish Get Up.  Begin with the Kettlebell/ Dumbell pressed to a locked elbow and sink your shoulder down and back. Let the weight move slightly into the intended path of the move before using your abdomen to sit up the weight to an overhead locked out position. Tight hamstrings may prevent you from rotating your pelvis in hip-flexion to the point where the weights are above your shoulders and your shoulders are over your hips with a flat back. As you reach the top push into the resistance of the hamstrings and hold them in a stretched position for second As you come back to the starting position try to roll down as controlled as possible. Use your abdomen to roll your back down to the ground a little at a time.

STEP 1Lie on the floor and hold a kettlebell/dumbbell in one hand straight above your chest. One leg should be bent with your foot flat on the floor.   

STEP 2Initiating the move in your abs, sit up into a TALL sit, while keeping the weight overhead. Pause, and then return to the floor.

*Optional Strength:  Wendler Week 3 Day 3:
– Bench Press
75% x 5
85% x 3
95% x 1+

(When you see 5+, 3+, 2+,or 1+, that means you do the max reps you can manage with that weight, with the goal being at least 5 reps.  If you go higher than you’re attempting to set a personal rep record at that weight, but the lifts should maintain the strictest of form.)

The CrossFit Open right around the corner.  CrossFit Open 2017 registration is open now.  Click HERE for more information.  For those interested, we are going to form a team.  For those not-so-interested, we are still going to program the Open workout for the entire gym.  We do this for several reasons.  1) so we can remain a community and do it together.  2) Because when it comes down to it, it’s JUST a CrossFit workout, and only YOU put the pressure to make it harder on yourself!

The Open is Fun!  And every Friday leading up and during the Open, Coach Phil will be doing the workout at 6 pm and would love some of you to join him!  If not, he will still do it alone, because he is one motivated and motivating fool! Let’s have some fun and everything can still be scaled!

And, this February Sweat Angels is partnering with Guiding Eyes for the Blind to help the blind by caring for their trusted guide dogs. Every 3 check-ins provides a bowl of food for a guide dog in training. #guidingeyes

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