Farmers walk – Thu 4.27.17

 In W.O.D.

Skill/Warm Up: For QUALITY “Annie”.  10 min. time cap!
Reps of 50-40-30-20-10:
– Double Unders (Health: D/U attempts)
– Sit Ups

Focus on good quality reps, full sit ups, and good hollow body jumps instead of time.  Skill work ends at 10:00, no exceptions!

Conditioning:  5 rounds:
– 20 Goblet Box Step Ups – 10 left/10 right (Performance/Fitness: choose weight, Health: Bodyweight)
– 10 Dynamic Push Ups – one 45# bumper (Health: push up sub of choice)
– 50 yard 1-arm Farmers Walk – 25 yrd left, 25 yrd right (as heavy as possible – KB, DB, or barbell)*

*1-arm Farmers Walk:  Avoid leaning forward at hip. Stand tall and chin parallel to ground.  Keep your shoulders pulled back and down throughout the entire exercise. Avoid letting your shoulders round forward.

Also, avoid leaning overly to compensate for weight.  Choose a moderately heavy weight.  I thought about using the 100# DB, but decided against it, because in later rounds I would be leaning too much.  So I dropped the weight to 70# KB.

This is the last few days, every 2 check-ins provide a minute of autism therapy to a child and their family. The Autism Site works towards creating a better understanding of autism by providing educational opportunities and therapy to families living with autism. Thanks for checking in! #autismawareness

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