Final Day of the Games – Sun 8.06.17

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Today is the final day of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games.  If you haven’t been able to catch it yet, catch it today!

If you haven’t watched the Games before, here are a few thing to know:


Events will be worth up to 100 points, and athletes earn points based on their finish (see chart). At the end of the weekend, the athlete with the most points is the winner. Athletes who tie receive the same number of points. If an athlete fails to complete an event within the time cap (for timed events), their score will be capped, and they will receive a 1-second penalty for each rep not completed.

Some events will have a minimum work requirement. For those events, if an athlete fails to meet the minimum work requirement, they will not be eligible to move on to the next event. Athletes must continue to work to complete all the repetitions until the time cap expires.

Sunday Events

So far there is one known workout:

5 rounds of time of:
Run 450 meters
11 hay bale clean burpees

M 100-lb. sandbag   F 70-lb. sandbag

Athletes will begin each round with a 450-meter run outside of the stadium. Each rep of the hay bale clean burpee will require them to lift the sandbag from the ground, throw it over the hay bale wall, touch their chest to the ground, and then jump themselves over the wall.

The rest of the competition will probably be unknown workouts that they won’t announce till right before the events.

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