First Open workout announcement – Thu 2.23.17

 In W.O.D.

The first 2017 CrossFit Games Open will be announced tonight at 5 pm.  Because they make a big production out of it, the actual rules of the workout probably won’t be completely available until around 5:30 pm.  More info on the announcement can be found HERE.

Skill: Spend 15:00 practicing Muscle Ups, Strict Pull Ups/Chin Ups, or Kipping Pull Ups or Dips OR Handstand Walks or Rope Climb!

*Same thing as we did in “Skill” work the last couple months.  I’ve seen many of you make amazing improvement in these skills.  I love it when I walk in the gym and seeing people working negatives, or static holds or strict pull ups before or after class.  It’s a long slow process, but improvements will come with patience.

Hopefully you created or begin this week to create a plan for progression in any one of these movements.  Talk to your coach if you need assistance.

Conditioning:  For QUALITY:
– 50 Hollow Rocks
Then, 4 Rounds for time of:
– 20 Weighted Lunges @ you pick weight and how to hold it
– 10 Burpees @ jumping onto a weight plate
– 50 Hollow Rocks

* For the Weighted Lunges, choose wisely, more weight is not necessarily better.  Focus on posture and position, and not giving up any of it on the way down or the way up.  Move slower than usual.  If you can’t maintain good posture, then go without weight
* For the Burpees, focus on a full movement and maintaining a solid midsection, and not just flopping and sprawling

*Optional Strength:  Wendler Week 4 Day 4:
– Power Clean
40% x 5
50% x 5
60% x 5

*Important note: in the 4th week (your deload/ back off week), you should NOT be going for max reps on the last set. This is a week to get some light work in and prime yourself for the next month of training.

The CrossFit Open begins this Thursday!  Click HERE for more information.  For those interested, we are going to form a team.  For those not-so-interested, we are still going to program the Open workout for the entire gym.  We do this for several reasons.  1) so we can remain a community and do it together.  2) Because when it comes down to it, it’s JUST a CrossFit workout, and only YOU put the pressure to make it harder on yourself!

The Open is Fun!  And every Friday leading up and during the Open, Coach Phil will be doing the workout at 6 pm and would love some of you to join him!  If not, he will still do it alone, because he is one motivated and motivating fool! Let’s have some fun and everything can still be scaled!

And, this February Sweat Angels is partnering with Guiding Eyes for the Blind to help the blind by caring for their trusted guide dogs. Every 3 check-ins provides a bowl of food for a guide dog in training. #guidingeyes

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