Get your scores in ASAP – Mon 2.27.17

 In W.O.D.

Get your CrossFit Open scores in ASAP (way before the 5 pm cut off).  They get backed up as the deadline nears!

If you missed 17.1 this last Friday, make sure you speak with a coach to see if you can do it today.  You will probably need to schedule your own judge, because the coaches will be busy!

Strength:  Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Conditioning:  AMRAP for 15:00:
– 10 Pistols – 5/leg (Performance: Rx’d, Fitness: Rx’d or scale of choice, Health: scale or 10 PERFECT air squats)
– 20 Sit Ups (Performance: GHD, Fitness Abmat or GHD to parallel, Health: Abmat)
– 30 Double Unders

Do you know that we offer private training?  You and your friends should know this!

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CAN IMPROVE YOU IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR FITNESS!  Here are some things private training can do for you:

  • Complete our Fundamentals classes with your own Coach.
  • Ease your way into CrossFit on your own schedule.
  • Master the Olympic and Power lifts.
  • Upgrade your nutritional life from the kitchen to the store.
  • Improve those pesky difficult movements (i.e: kipping pull ups or double unders).
  • Improve gymnastics: muscle ups, bar muscle ups, handstand push ups.
  • Customize programming for you.
  • Or, just get better at CrossFit.

Sometimes, one-on-one sessions is just what is needed. At The Compound, we have many experienced, and certified coaches in not just CrossFit, but weightlifting, endurance sports, and overall wellness. We’ve been coaching CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility and nutrition for more than 10 years. Our Coaches practice what they preach and are prepared to work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your goals in fitness, strength and nutrition.

All of our Coaches are available for one-on-one sessions with Compound members.

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