lateral movement – Fri 5.19.17

 In W.O.D.

Skill:  Split Jerk.  Today, I want you to work on any aspect of the Split Jerk you want.  Whether its weightless, or tons of weight, that’s up to you.  Just get the legs into the proper positions and with some speed.

Conditioning:  AMRAP for 12:00:
– 3 Shin Hops*
– 20 Lateral Plyo Skiers (over box, bench or stacked weights) – RT + LT = 1 rep
– 20 Bulgarian Split Squats (on box, bench or stacked weights) – 10 RT and 10 LT

* Shin Hops: Shins on the ground, butt back to the heels, pop your hips jumping from your shins into a squat or power position, then stand.
If you can not do Shin Hops, then do box Jumps.   BUT!   push your self to higher box jumps then you are used to.  Use bumpers to increase height incrementally.  A 10# bumper is roughly an inch wide.  It’s only 3 reps around, so I would want to see some pretty high jumps or attempts.

*Lateral Plyo Skiers: a video is HERE

*Bulgarian Split Squats: can be weighted or unweighted, weight held at chest, bar on back or to the sides.

The Compound’s Mission: To provide simple and effective training for a healthy life.

We train functional movements, including squatting, pushing, pulling, throwing, and jumping. Training this way ensures full range of joints and muscles, strengthening the entire body and allowing you apply these movements into everyday life. you will be much healthier and happier!

This May, we are helping to provide healthcare to people around the world through Watsi. Every check in will help provide a life-changing surgery to someone in need. Check-in and #changealife

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