It’s not Fake! – Sun 4.02.17

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The Super Bowl of Pro Wrestling is Wrestlemania and it’s today.  I’ve been watching this stuff since I can remember and have always enjoyed it.  NO!  Pro wrestling is not fake!  I’ll admit that the promos and the backstage skits are scripted.  I’ll concede to the fact that the matches are predetermined. I refuse to state in any way, shape, or form that wrestling is FAKE!

I’m going to give you the bottom line on why pro-wrestling is, without a shadow of a doubt, not fake.  A lot of wrestling moves required a large amount of athleticism and precision, as many of the moves are difficult to perform.   There is no room for error, as many complex wrestling moves can result in serous injuries or death.

They are athletes who entertain and are closer to CrossFit than you think.  When I started watching Pro Wrestling, it was a sport of giants.  Take Hulk Hogan, match him up against any giant they could find, like Andre, and they made money.

Like weightlifting, pro wrestling has evolved.  Those giants in the ’80s and ’90s compared to what there is today, were just asking for injuries. They used to train like bodybuilders.  Using limited range of motion to move light weights a bunch of times just to get a pump so you’re aesthetically pleasing doesn’t necessarily prepare them for wrestling.

There are now a bunch of pro wrestlers who CrossFit or do some similar type of functional athletic training.  Those that do look a step ahead of other athletes who are going to traditional gyms and repping out biceps curls and bench presses.  They do so many CrossFit elements in the ring. They’re lifting large loads very quickly or running the ropes or doing backflips or moonsaults. Those are some of the main elements of CrossFit: gymnastics, endurance, lifting, running.

So if you get a chance, check out Wrestlemania and watch the great Sports Entertainment show out there!

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