Programming intelligently – Sun 6.18.17

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One of the things The Compound takes pride is its programming.  We’ve been training and programming for over 20 years, and we still have much to learn and will continue to.

Freddy Camacho from CrossFit of Fremont posted this on his website the other day.  I agree with it wholeheartedly.  Kyle, Philip, and I try really hard to tryout the combinations before giving them to the gym.  Sometimes, we recruit some of you to help us out!  Programming is a science, and many people do it wrong.  There’s a fine line between pushing yourself up to and past what you thought was your limit AND too much volume/crappy programming.

Freddy Camacho is one of the guys that I have followed, met and learned from.  And I believe his program is simple, yet effective enough so you can have a healthy life.

Enjoy (oh and some language in here):


This comment was posted on a thread that asked “Have you ever called in sick to work the day after doing a CrossFit WOD?” I was just skimming through the comments and came across this one. HOLY SHIT! Are you kidding me?

Please know this. WE WILL NEVER PROGRAM A WORKOUT FOR YOU THAT WE WOULD NOT OR HAVE NOT DONE (in some way shape or form) OURSELVES. Pretty obvious that whomever posted 300m of broad jumps had never ever actually tried doing 300m of broad jump. I won’t even get into the fact that 300m of lunge step will wreck most recreational CrossFitters for a few days. This idiot put 300m of lunge steps AND 300m of broad jump in the same workout. 

I’ve been CrossFitting and programming for a CrossFit gym since July of 2006. There is a learning curve for programming. Back in 2006, I did not have a lot of data to reference when I programmed for my gym. Every now and then, I programed some workouts that definitely did not go as planned. These days, there are so many CrossFit gyms out there and so much information to snatch up for free on the internet that there is no excuse for making up workouts that will ruin people for days.

Chyna has been programming for our gym now since July of 2014. Chyna is a professional CrossFit athlete, yet not once has she programmed a workout that she hasn’t tossed and turned in her head to make sure it fit into the overall capability of the people who train at CrossFit of Fremont. Each workout is calculated and well planned to get you fitter and not get you injured or wrecked for days on end. You are not CrossFit Games athletes, and our programming is not meant to replicate what CrossFit Games athletes do in their quest to be titled “The Fittest On Earth.” Our gym programming is meant to make you better at not sucking at life. If you really want to verify that I know what the fuck I am talking about, go out and try 300m of walking lunge coupled with 300m of broad jump. I’ll be happy to call you an idiot to your face and say, “I told you so!” 

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