Progressing on Wendler – Sun 12.04.16

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There is no progress without consistency.  There is also no progress in constantly trying to PR absolute strength (1 rep maxes) all the time.  There is progress with constantly working to perfect form and improve slowly.  Look at the photo above.  It is not a straight line and neither is your progress.  That is why, after a deload week, we go to the next cycle and rest all of our numbers.

It’s easy to do.  Same exercises from last time (Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, and Power Clean).  The first four weeks were a great way to establish some personal rep records. In the second four week cycle, you will increase your Training maxes no more than 5 pounds per upper body lift, and no more than 10 pounds for lower body lifts. These increases are to the max that you’re basing your percentages on. You’re NOT increasing the weight for each set.

So if your original 1 rep max Back Squat was 200#.  Your training max for the first cycle was 180#.  This second cycle, increase that training max to up to 190#.  Then all the percentages will stay the same, just off the new training max!

Break Personal Records (PR’s):

This is where the fun of this – and any – program begins and ends. This program allows you to break a wide variety of rep records throughout the entire year. Most people live and die by their  1-rep max.  To me, this is foolish and shortsighted. If your squat goes from 225×6 to 225×9, you’ve gotten stronger. If you keep setting and breaking rep records, you’ll get stronger. Don’t get stuck just trying to increase your one rep max. If you keep breaking your rep records, it’ll go up.

Breaking personal records is a great motivator, and it’s also a great way to add some excitement into your training. When you do this, the sets and reps carry much more meaning. There’s something on the line. You’ll have greater focus and purpose in your training. You’ll no longer have to just do a set of 5 reps. You’ll focus on beating the number and beating the weight.

As usual, if you have questions, email me at [email protected].  And the Wendler program will be written on the blog daily.  It if is not there, don’t do it or make up a day you missed!

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