Snatch pulls – Thu 6.15.17

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  2 Snatch Pulls

*Work up to your heaviest complex in 15 minutes.  Generally the snatch pull should be done for 2-5 reps per set anywhere from 80%-110% of your best snatch.

The snatch pull is a basic exercise for training the extension of the snatch for strength, speed, power, posture, and balance.  Set your snatch starting position tightly and initiate the lift by pushing with the legs against the floor. Drive through the heels as the bar separates from the floor, and maintain the same back angle until the bar is past the knees. At mid-thigh, your shoulders should be only slightly in front of the bar.   Speed up your leg and hip extension, keeping the bar close to the body and allowing it to contact at the hips. The arms are not engaged in the movement, but remain relaxed in extension.  The elbows should bend only to maintain the vertical path on the bar and to keep the bar close to the body.  The shoulders should be shrugged up somewhat after the completion of leg and hip extension to continue the bar’s upward path and allow it to stay against the body.  The movement of your body and bar upward should be slightly back, to maintain balance and to keep the bar path as straight up and down as possible.

Conditioning: “Grace”
For time:
-30 Clean and Jerks (135/ 95#)

*If needed, scale to a weight that is difficult but manageable to maintain good from throughout the 30 reps.

*Optional Cash Out: Row 50 calories

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