Ryan Armosino

    Ryan Armosino  always liked to play sports and workout since he was a kid.When he got to high school  he really got into it. He played football and pole vaulted in high school. He was always trying to workout to get bigger and stronger because he was a small kid. Eventually that led more into a path of trying to become bodybuilder and all he started to do was lift weights.
    When he came to the Compound for the first time it was a huge reality check. Since he worked out like a bodybuilder, he thought he would be strong enough to get through the workouts. He admits he was wrong and no longer felt like an “athlete”. He stopped trying to body build and started to focus on becoming an athlete again. The CrossFit program helped him do this extremely fast. He feels like he’s a better athlete now, as well as being lighter and stronger than ever. Ryan is  CrossFit Level 1 certified and USA Weightlifting Level 1- Sports Performance certified.  

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