Leighna Scott
    Leighna has been involved with fitness and health for most of her life. She started her Crossfit and Weightlifting lifestyle in 2015, when she stopped feeling challenged in the traditional workouts in the traditional gym atmosphere. The toning, conditioning, weights, and strength training were not new to her, but what was new to her, was how fast she saw results at The Compound. She has been able to increase her strength and conditioning immensely and has found her passion in sharing this success with others!

    Leighna enjoys bringing a high level of positive results to The Compound both personally and professionally as a CrossFit trainer. Leighna is great at setting goals and achieving them, and she brings that mindset to her coaching! Everyday, Leighna is inspiring the athletes and people she works with at The Compound. When people without goals come to The Compound they seek her advice, and she is there to create obtainable goals in fitness, nutrition, and movements that can be utilized in everyday activities. She is also great at assisting the people that have goals, but may not know what to achieve first; by clarifying and prioritizing what should be accomplished first and how to do it; whether those goals are for in the gym or sport. Leighna is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and a competitive Olympic Weightlifter.
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