Triplet workout – Thu 10.20.16

 In W.O.D.

The foundation CrossFit workout is referred to as a couplet or a triplet.

A couplet is a pairing of two functional movements.  These two movements should also compliment each other in the sense that one should be a ‘pull’ movement, while the other should be a ‘push’ movement. For example, Fran (21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull Ups) is a perfect example of a classic couplet, using the ‘push’ of a Thruster combined with the ‘pull’ of a Pull Up. This can also work by alternating squats and jumps or lower body and upper body.

You create a sense of rest by targeting one area or one group of muscles for the first movement, then ‘resting’ them by utilizing a different group of muscles for the second movement. If we take Fran as an example, your legs will be shot from all those Thrusters, it would make little sense to then go into Goblet Squats, especially when the workout is designed to be done as quickly as possible. Instead, your legs get a ‘break’ while your upper body does the work during the pull-ups, then the sequence repeats until the three rounds are complete.  Simply stated, couplets allow you to perform sets of two different movements at a high intensity.

A triplet is similar in design to the couplet, but naturally the inclusion of a third movement allows for more variety, movement patterns and a broader range of fitness. Of course, it’s a little trickier to split up the push-pull, or upper-lower concepts, as can be done in a couplet.  Helen is a good example of a triplet, combining running, Kettlebell Swings and Pull Ups.  Today’s triplet involves a push, squat, pull, hinge, and jump all in one.

Strength:  Front Squat.  Find a 1 rm for the day

Conditioning: Reps of 21-18-15-12-8-6-3:
– Wall Ball (Performance/Fitness: 20/14# to 10′, Health: 14/10# to 9′)
– Toes to Bar (Performance/Fitness: Rx’d, Health: Knees as high as possible)
– Box Jumps (Performance/Fitness: 24/20″, Health: As high as possible landing in power stance)

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