What is Fitness? – Thu 12.29.16

 In W.O.D.

What is Fitness?  Why do we do CrossFit?  A lot of people look to change up their routines at New Years time.  Here’s an excerpt of CrossFit inaugural article, “What is Fitness?”:

“So then, what are we to do? Work on becoming a better weightlifter, stronger-better gymnast, and faster rower, runner, swimmer, cyclist is the answer. There are an infinite number of regimens that will deliver the goods.

Generally, we have found that three days on and one day off allows for a maximum sustainability at maximum intensities. One of our favorite workout patterns is to warm-up and then perform three to five sets of three to five reps of a fundamental lift at a moderately comfortable pace followed by a ten-minute circuit of gymnastics elements at a blistering pace and finally finish with two to ten minutes of high intensity metabolic conditioning. There is nothing sacred in this pattern. The magic is in the movements not the routine. Be creative.

Another favorite is to blend elements of gymnastics and weightlifting in couplets that combine to a dramatic metabolic challenge. An example would be to perform five reps of a moderately heavy back squat followed immediately by a set of max reps pull-ups repeated three to five times.

On other occasions we’ll take five or six elements balanced between weightlifting, metabolic conditioning, and gymnastics and combine them in a single circuit that we blow through three times without a break.
We can create routines like this forever. In fact our archives (http://www.crossfit.com/misc/arc.html) contain four or five hundred daily workouts consciously mixed and varied in this manner. Perusing them will give you an idea of how we mix and modulate our key elements.

We’ve not mentioned here our penchant for jumping, kettlebells, odd object lifting, and obstacle course work. The recurring theme of functionality and variety clearly suggest the need and validity for their inclusion though.

Finally, strive to blur distinctions between “cardio” and strength training. Nature has no regard for this distinction or any other, including our ten physical adaptations. We’ll use weights and plyometrics training to elicit a metabolic response and sprinting to improve strength.”

Skill:  Ring Rows 4 x max reps

Conditioning: Complete 6 Rounds for time:
– 12 Barbell Reverse Lunges – 6 RT, 6 LT (Performance: 155/105#, Fitness 115/75#, Health: bar with 10# bumpers)
– 12 Barbell Rows (Performance: 155/105#, Fitness 115/75#, Health: add 10’s to the side)
– 12 Warrior Sit Ups (Performance: V-Ups, Fitness/Health: Rx’d, Health: Knee lifts as high as possible)

*For the Lunges, knee must touch the ground for rep to count
*For BB Rows, weight plates must tough the floor each rep


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