Whatcha gonna do, brother? – Fri 1.27.17

 In W.O.D.

During the CrossFit Games Opens, we often wonder when we are going to see the same workout come up again.  It happens from time to time.  Take Workout 13.3, it was also 12.4.  That means in 2012 it was the 4th week’s workout.  Then in 2013 it was the 3rd week’s workout.  Here’s what I wrote about it last time I did it on 3.24.13:

“I like to use this principle of setting as many PR’s as I can throughout my training week.  It keeps me motivated and helps me realize there is more to fitness than simply my heaviest lift or my fastest WOD time.

Take Workout 13.3.  I only improved 3 reps from last year (when it was called 12.4).  ONLY 3 REPS.  After an entire year of hard training.  That’s certainly one way I could look at it and possibly be disappointed.

Or I can look at it this way……But, I made 4 PR’s in that one 12:00 minute workout!!  First, I PR’ed on “Karen” (150 Wall Balls for time).  Second, I completed a PR for max Double Unders in a row.  Third, I completed more double reps of Muscle Ups than I ever had in a workout.  And finally, I PR’ed the workout by 3 reps.

One way is more positive and will always keep me coming back to the gym.

The point is, as the Royal Rumble is this weekend, I got to ask as Hulk Hogan would, Whatcha gonna do, brother? This workout may look hard.  But what are you going to do to make it achievable and a positive experience?

Skill: On the Minute for 10:00:
– 2 Power Snatch
– 1 Broad Jump

*For Power Snatch, go light and focus on being snappy and good punch out. Add weight every minute or every other minute as needed.
*Broad Jumps must be performed by landing with hips above parallel.  Try to gain more distance with each jump!

Conditioning: “CrossFit Games Open 13.3/12.4”:
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12:00:
– 150 Wall Balls (20/14# to 10/9′, Health: 14/10# to 9/8′)
– 90 Double Unders (Health: Attempts or jump rope running in place)
– 30 Muscle Ups (Fitness Scale: muscle Ups on knees, Health: Burpee Toes to Bars)

*Optional Strength:  Wendler Week 4 Day 4:
– Power Clean
40% x 3
50% x 3
60% x 3

*Important note: in the 4th week (your deload/ back off week), you should NOT be going for max reps on the last set. This is a week to get some light work in and prime yourself for the next month of training.

The CrossFit Open is only weeks away.  CrossFit Open 2017 registration is open now.   I will be setting up a team this weekend.  Click HERE for more information.  For those interested, we are going to form a team.  For those not-so-interested, we are still going to program the Open workout for the entire gym.  We do this for several reasons.  1) so we can remain a community and do it together.  2) Because when it comes down to it, it’s JUST a CrossFit workout, and only YOU put the pressure to make it harder on yourself!

The Open is Fun!  And every Friday leading up and during the Open, Coach Phil will be doing the workout at 6 pm and would love some of you to join him!  If not, he will still do it alone, because he is one motivated and motivating fool! Let’s have some fun and everything can still be scaled!

Fitness is about progression.  Not doing more work or more reps or more volume (necessarily), but doing better quality movements and stricter, more difficult movements.  Create a plan for progression in any CrossFit movements.  Talk to your coach if you need assistance.

In our PT Fundamentals Program you work with your private coach and complete at least 5 one-on-one or two-on-one personal training sessions that will properly prepare you for the demands of CrossFit group classes. During this time, and even upon graduation, you and your coach will constantly monitor your fitness progress to help you achieve your goals!

This is available for current clients and new clients alike!

For more information, go HERE


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