Wednesday 12.09.15 – start with your weak hand and leg

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Kettlebell Snatch Ladder practice. Work up to heaviest KB/ DB possible with each hand (*Health:  KB/DB Clean and Jerk)

*Start with the lightest KB, and attempt at least 1 good rep with each hand.
**Do not move up if you are letting the KB crash and bruise your forearm. Fix the form first!

Goal:  Can you do the 100# DB/ 70#KB?

Conditioning: AMRAP for 15:00:
– 5 Power Snatch (Performance: 135/95#, Fitness: 115/75#, Health: Sumo Dead Hi Pull 95/55#)
– 10 Weighted Step Ups – 5/ leg (choose height and KB/DB and hold like a goblet squat)
– 15 Weighted Sit Ups (Performance/Fitness: same weight as step ups, Health: Warrior Sit Ups)

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