All the trunk work – Wed 10.18.17

 In W.O.D.

Strength: Floor Press or Bench Press 3-3-3-3-3

Conditioning: Complete:
– 200m Run
– 30 Floor Wipers (use whatever weight is necessary)
– 200m Run
– 30 Abmat Sit Ups
– 200m Run
– 30 Russian Twists
– 200m Run
– 30 Warrior Sit Ups
– 200m Run
– 30 Hollow Rocks

Holding a  loaded barbell above your chest, bring your feet up together to the left plate, down to the middle, and up to the right plate before putting them down in the middle. That’s one repetition.

Performance: feel free to scale up to GHD Sit Ups

Holding a weight plate, touch the ground on one side of your body, bring it up and over your legs and touch the ground on the right side of your body.  That’s one repetition.

Performance: feel free to scale up to Toes to Bar

Rock up and back to equal 1 rep

For the month of October, Sweat Angels will be partnering with Bright Pink. Bright Pink’s programs educate and equip young women and their doctors to assess their risk for breast and ovarian cancer and detect these diseases at early, non-life-threatening stages. Every 3 check-ins will provide 1 woman access to a breast & ovarian cancer risk assessment. #breastcancerawareness

The Compound’s Mission: To provide simple and effective training for a healthy life.

We train functional movements, including squatting, pushing, pulling, throwing, and jumping. Training this way ensures full range of joints and muscles, strengthens the entire body, and allows you to apply these movements into everyday life.  You will be much healthier and happier!

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