Practice Barbell Row – 5.23.16

 In W.O.D.

Let’s put into practice what we discussed yesterday HERE.  The above exercise, the good morning, is a great way to get into a proper position and warm up the need muscles.

Strength:  Barbell Row 5-5-5-5-5

Conditioning:  Complete 5 Rounds for total Reps:
– Pull Ups – Max Reps in 30 seconds
Rest 30 Seconds
– Box Jumps  – Max Reps in 30 seconds (24/20″)
Rest 30 Seconds
– Hang Cleans – Max Reps in 30 seconds (95/56#)
Rest 30 seconds

*Hang Cleans must be into a full squat.  Power clean to front squat is OK.

Do you have a goal for this workout?  You should!  We post the workouts the day before, not so you can decide IF you want to show up.  But rather so you can prepare and come up with a quick game plan on approaching this workout.  How do you want to do your pull ups?  how do you want to scale any part of this workout?  Which of the exercises above do you want to go all out on or focus the most attention on? How much weight did you Barbell Row last time?

Have a plan.  Then show up, and ask your coach how the plan sounds.  You will impress the coach if you do!  And you can turn workouts that look horrible or difficult into achievable workouts by accomplishing smaller goals within it.


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