Be a good spotter – Wed 10.19.16

 In W.O.D.

Strength: Floor Press or Bench Press.  Spend 15-20 min working for a Floor Press or Bench Press 1 rep max

*Be a good spotter people!

Spotters, stand behind your lifter. You might want to ask him or her first if they need a “lift-off” (an assist lifting the bar off the rack before the first rep begins). Many lifters like to save energy and strength for the lift itself rather than the un-racking of heavier weight.  Some like to “feel” the weight before they get into the lift.

From there, let the athlete lift and when you see him or her begin to struggle, the proper spot to use is placing fingertips or palms of the hands under the bar to assist them. If you know you might need to pull the bar for (or off) your lifter when using heavier weights, a mixed grip (one overhand and one underhand) is a solid and secure grip. Spacing of the hands should be just inside (towards the middle of the bar) of your lifter’s hands. You do not need to go so low with the movement as to touch the lifter’s chest at the bottom, but be there as he or she begins to press up.

Keep your hands close, but if you can keep them out of the lifter’s view.  This could be a mental issue that can cause a missed rep.  But you should be aware and with the lifter the entire time.  If the lifter grunts out a low-volume “help”, you should be aware and grab that bar.

Strength is built by fighting through these sticky spots – and we all have them. Often a little assistance (even the slightest) will allow the struggling lifter to get unstuck momentarily and thus allow him or her to continue. Most of the time, once we push through these spots, we find that we have more in the tank. You can help your lifter dig themselves out with even just a little guidance, but always be ready to give more. Don’t go away – always stay with the lifter until the bar is re-racked safely.

Conditioning:  5 rounds for time of:
– 200m Run
– 25 Push Ups*

*every time you break in push ups, turn over and complete 10 Hollow Rocks

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