A Better Warm Up – Sun 3.19.17

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From the moment a class begins, there at least 10 minutes provided to warm up.  If you need more time to warm up, then show up a few minutes early and begin the process.  The coach will put everyone through a great, but generic warm up.  If you want to focus on something specific, then use that time to do so!  Everyone has different goals, aches and pains, and skills.  The warm up time provided accounts for about an hour each week, or 52 hours over a year’s time. That’s a lot of time, and it’s time that can be put to great use!

A Better Warm Up (http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/08_03_Better_warmup.pdf) is one of the first CrossFit Journal articles I every read from Greg Glassman.  Accompanied by the following video of original CrossFit athlete Greg Amundson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pcj8YTG4H-Q)  formed how I like to structure my warm ups.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

In commercial gyms everywhere, warming up constitutes little more than spending fifteen or twenty minutes on a bike, treadmill, or stair climber. While better than nothing, this approach to warming up is largely a waste of time in that it will not improve flexibility, does not involve the whole body or major functional movements, misses an ideal opportunity for reinforcing and practicing some critical exercises, and poorly prepares an athlete for rigorous athletic training.

We need a warm-up that will increase body temperature and heart rate, provide some stretching, stimulate the entire body and major biomechanical functions, provide practice for basic movements, and finally, prepare for rigorous athletic training.

We offer here a favorite CrossFit warm-up and compare the advantages that it has over riding a stationary bike for fifteen minutes. The CrossFit warm-up satisfies our needs whereas the traditional warm-up only leaves us with an elevated body temperature and heart rate.

The essential features of our warm-up are that they include a stretch and major hip/leg extension, trunk/hip extension and flexion, and pushing and pulling movements. The combinations are limitless and might include more challenging movements like good mornings, hollow rocks, rope climb, or handstand push-ups in place of back extensions, sit-ups, pull-ups, and dips. The movements used will largely depend on your athletic development, but over time the more challenging movements can be included without being a whole workout.

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Proper utilization of the ten minute warm up time (at least) will not only get you to your goals faster, but will also get you fully warmed up for the workouts of the day, and help prevent injury by getting blood flowing through your muscle tissues.

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