Built to Last Fitness – Sun 8.14.16

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Built to Last Fitness Podcast is a production of Compound Radio.  It’s discussion on fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. We discuss a wide array of topics ranging from; weight loss, weight training, CrossFit, nutrition, fitness shows, gyms, outdoor activities, bodybuilding, supplements and anything in between. Our goal is to help you in your fitness lifestyle and live a strong and healthy life. Brought to you by The Compound Strength & Conditioning – Home of CrossFit Vacaville North.

We took a brief hiatus, but we are back now.  Take a listen to some of our previous episodes:

Episode 2: Which 2 Movements

We discuss which two movements we believe are the best markers of fitness and where our focus in training should be

Episode 7: 5 things to look for in a strength and conditioning program

So many workout programs out there! How do you know what is best for you? Have an idea of what you want out of a program and look for that as you decide where and how to train.

After we go through a few mess ups on the opening, losing it because it is way to early, an interruption, and a gift giving….. Ryan, Randy and Craig discuss the things we focus on when creating a program.

Our program is based on Fitness that is “Built to Last”. Keeps you training longer and avoiding unnecessary injuries!

Episode 15: Training Vs Testing

We’re talking Training vs Testing and knowing when to do the one or the other.

Episode 16: Motivation

Do you need motivation to get to the gym and get in shape? Then look no forward than Christina, the staple of the 5 am class at The Compound Strength & Conditioning! Christina is a mother of young kids, a wife of a shift worker, holds a full time job herself, and still manages to eat right, workout properly and continue to make gains!

Episode 17: Balance

Balancing all the things in life you want to do, need to do, and everything in between. How do you balance it all? We’ll talk to full time mom, manager, and athlete Elizabeth DeHart and discuss balancing her busy and healthy life.

Episode 18: We’re Back

We are back! We catch up and then we discuss a little bit of training vs. PRing

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