Trent Williamson

Trent Williamson

Head Coach/Programmer/Barbell Coach


Trent grew up in the Santa Barbara area and played competitive roller and ice hockey for 13 years, all over California and Nevada in his youth. Along with coaching multiple hockey teams and age groups. He also played in a number of bands when He lived in the Central Coast and played shows pretty much everywhere. He moved to NorCal in May of 2013 and stumbled into Crossfit by chance in January of 2014. The first WOD I ever did was Murph at a park in Vacaville and it literally, destroyed him. He didn't realize how far gone his fitness was at that point. Soon after He hit a Saturday workout at The Compound and that was the day He "drank the juice" and never looked back. After living in a few different cities in NorCal and working out at a bunch of different gyms, the sport started growing on him more and more. He helped coach a few friends through the open of 2016 and that's when He decided coaching was a passion of His. He obtained CF Level 1 in June '16 and USAW cert in December of the same year. Coaching has made him a better athlete and vice versa. Helping people and seeing them progress is hands down, one of the most gratifying experiences he has ever felt. 

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