Constantly varied – Fri 4.15.16

 In W.O.D.

CrossFit is about constantly varied training, but that doesn’t mean the training is random. While it’s true that we train for the unknown and the unknowable, programming is more than pulling random workouts out of a hopper—though you can certainly experiment with that model for short periods.

One of the main characteristics of constant variation is the use of very different loads, time domains and movements. Sometimes athletes are performing short, heavy workouts like 5 sets of single deadlifts. Other times they’re doing a long, heavy workout such as “Linda”. “Cindy” is long and light, while “Fran” is usually short and relatively light. A 2K row and a max snatch both involve pulling, but one is about endurance and stamina, while the other is about strength and speed. Athletes adapt to such a diverse program because it is broad and ignores no aspect of fitness.

Constant variation is one of the foundations of the CrossFit program, and by allowing that principle to influence your programming, you will be yourself  on the path to high levels of general physical preparedness. As always, the magic is in the movements themselves. Add in large doses of intensity, and you might even have some true firebreathers on your hands. -Constantly Varied Programming, CrossFit Journal (video)

So what that means for today!?  We did a lot of body weight squats yesterday and today, we are squatting heavy.  Let’s find out how heavy you can go (Hint:  It probably won’t be a max.  If you get to about 80% of your max, you are doing great!)

Strength:  Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1

Conditioning: 4 rounds for time:
– 200m Run or 250m Row
– 10 Box Jumps (Choose height – Step Ups are 100% OK!)
– 12 Push Balls (Choose weight to get to 10′)
– 14 KB Swings (Choose height)

*16 minute time cap.

A HUGE congratulations to Ed, who finished 139th in the entire world!!!!!!  That means his CrossFit Games season is NOT over!  This is a huge accomplishment!  That makes Ed the second Regional-level athlete from The Compound!  But, it was Ed’s hard work that got him there and now he gets to participate it Master’s Qualifier!

The 2016 Masters Qualifier Events will be released on Thursday, April 21 at 5 p.m. PT.

The top 200 masters athletes each age division—40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60-plus—have from Thursday, April 21 to Monday, April 25 to complete the events. Events can be completed in any order.   Ed finished 139th in the 60 and older division.

Masters athletes will have X number of scores recorded to determine the top 20 in each age division. The first of X scores for masters athletes will be their final Open ranking. The other X-1 scores are the final rankings of each event from the Masters Qualifier.

The 20 athletes with the fewest points at the end of the qualifier will receive an invitation to compete at the CrossFit Games in Carson, California.

To see some of the previous years events, check HERE

Let’s plan on helping Ed and cheering him on during this grueling competition!


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