Don’t be like this spotter – Mon 6.27.16

 In W.O.D.

Many people are in a habit of dropping the bar on a back Squat when it gets too heavy.  Please do not do this.  On top of just being dangerous and allowing the spine to move too much under load, you are leaving some strength gains on the table.  Call for a spotter or two.  Spotting (and being spotted) on a missed lift is another one of those things that gets easier with practice.  As a spotter you have to know how much to help the lifter, and as a lifter you have to learn not to panic and leave the spotter literally holding the bar.

Method 1 – The Single Spotter Behind 
The purpose of the spot is to take some of the weight of the rep so that it can be completed by the lifter.  This cannot be safely accomplished by applying force to the lifter’s body … Spot the bar, not the lifter.

Method 2 – One Spotter on Either Side of the Bar
Although it can still get tricky if one spotter pulls the bar up quicker or harder than the other, I still think having two people on a heavy bar is better than one

One things for sure, keep the yelling at someone’s ear to a minimum (unlike the photo)!

Strength:  Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

ConditioningComplete as many rounds as possible in 3 minutes:
– 3 Hang Power Clean (Performance: 155/105#, Fitness: 135/85#, Health: 85/55#)
– 6 Push Ups (Performance: Ring Push Up, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: scaled as needed)
– 9 Box Jumps (Performance: 30/24″, Fitness: 24/20″, Health: AHAP)

*Complete 4 x 3 minute rounds. Rest for 1 minutes between the 3 minute rounds.

**Each round, begin your count where you left off before the rest period for a total round and rep count!


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