“Don’t put it down” – Fri 6.24.16

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Muscle Snatch.  Go for heavy 3rm

The muscle snatch is helpful at lighter weights to learn and reinforce the proper upper body mechanics of the turnover.   At more challenging weights, the muscle snatch will help strengthen the turnover of the snatch.  This is by either focusing on the speed portion of the movement or the strength portion (which ever is a weakness for you).

Start with the bar on the floor in the snatch starting position.  Lift the bar as you would for a snatch until reaching the top of the extension of the body. At this point, rather than pulling yourself into a squat under the barbell, keep the knees straight and the body extended and pull the elbows up as high as possible, keeping the bar close to the body. Once the elbows reach maximal height, turn the arms over to bring the bar the rest of the way up and back into the proper overhead position, punching straight up against the bar and finishing in a tight, aggressive overhead position. The legs must remain straight once extended in the pull. Maintain constant tension against the bar throughout the movement, and make sure the bar is moving continuously—there should be no pausing or hesitation during the lift.

Conditioning: 4 Rounds for time of:
– 14 Push Balls (Performance: 20/14# to 10′, Fitness: 20/14# to 9′-10′, Health: 14/ 10# to 8-9′)
– 14 Box Step Ups – 7/ each leg (w/ your ball) (Performance: 20″, Fitness: 15-18″, Health: 12″)
– 200m Run (w/ your Ball)

* 5 Burpees any time you drop or put down your Medicine Ball at any time in the workout at the spot of the foul
** 20:00 Time Cap

The July sessions of Boot Camp begin Wednesday, July 6th for 5, 6 and 9 AM classes!!

This 4-week fitness program uses the principles of CrossFit without the aspect of heavy weight lifting in a 45-minute boot camp style workout designed to build power and strength, increase stamina and cardiovascular endurance, and improve overall fitness.  This boot camp program is uniquely scaled to all individuals- you don’t need to be in shape to begin and any workout can be modified to meet individual fitness levels.

For more information, contact Erica at compounderica@gmail.com or register HERE

Fourth of July Hours:  5, 8, 9 and 10 AM classes only that day.  So get your workout in early!

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