Dynamic and Plyo – Thu 8.17.17

 In W.O.D.

Conditioning:  5 rounds:
– 10 Plyo Push Ups – 5/side (Performance/Fitness: 45# bumpers, Health: Push Up sub of choice)
– 10 Dynamic Step Ups – 10 ea. leg (20″ box or less)
– 50 yard One-Arm Farmers Walk – switch @ 25yrd (DB/KB/Barbell of choice)

*Plyo Push Up:  This is a version of a Plyometric Push – Up using plates. Start with your hands on he ground then touch your chest to the ground and drive up explosively catching yourself on the plates. Video HERE

*Dynamic Step Up: Stand up tall.  Place one foot on the box.  Dorsiflex the ankle of the foot  on the ground. Step up by pressing through the foot on the box.  Lift the knee of the leg on the floor all the way up and through.  At the top of the box you straighten be standing tall with fully extended knee and hip.  The oppsite leg should be bent in front, with ankle still in dorsiflexion.  Perform 10 reps on one leg, then switch to the other leg.  Video HERE

Skill: On the minute for 12:00:
– Odd – 2 Pistols/leg at hardest variation for you
– Even – 1 max distance Broad Jump (try to increase distance each time)

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