Fast elbows – Fri 6.17.16

 In W.O.D.

The goal today is speed, especially with fast elbows.

For the Hang Power Clean, lift the bar to the standing position. Lower the bar under control to the high-hang position (Position 1 or upper thigh). Once in position, initiate the power clean by pushing against the floor with the legs first. Drive the legs against the floor and extend the hips aggressively.   After extending, pick up and move your feet into your squat stance while pulling your elbows high and to the sides to move yourself down into a partial squat under the bar. Turn the elbows around the bar fast and into the clean rack position, as you land in a “power stance”.

Once in the “hang”, avoid the tendency to use the upper body to initiate the movement.

Strength: Hang Power Clean. Find 1rm for the day

*From the high hang (Position 1)

Conditioning10 Reps down to 1 Rep:
Complete 10, 9, 8, 7, ….1 Reps of each:
– Push Ups
– Hang Power Cleans @ 55-65% today’s max.
– Medicine Ball Granny Toss – max height* (20/14#)

* Each rep should be for max vertical height.  Let the ball hit the ground each rep, do not catch it!
**If the ball is landing too far forward or behind you (not vertically over the spot it is being thrown), then don’t throw so high and focus on a straighter throw.

granny toss video example:

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