Food is the cure – Fri 8.19.16

 In W.O.D.

Food is the cure….for weakness.  Nothing mentioned today is One Size Fits All.  But it’s a start!

Eat with abandon: meat, fowl, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables, roots, tubers, bulbs, herbs and spices as well as animal fats, olives & olive oil, avocados, and coconut (meat, oil, flour).

Limit: Limit nuts, seeds, fruit, and dairy (cheese, yogurt, cream) to sporadic small servings.  All of these depend on how your body reacts to them to determine how much.

Try to avoid most types of cereal grains (if it’s a question, then avoid it).

Eating should be an experiment.  Here’s some simple rules:

Roots, tubers, and bulbs (carbs) are the primary fuel  source for the Conditioning WOD. Do your best to get the majority of your carbs immediately following your training (recovery). Avoid eating a ton of carbs at night, unless you train at night, then go ahead.

If you don’t attack the CrossFit WOD on a given day, or it’s a rest day, then don’t eat as many carbs. You don’t need them.

Remember, in seeking performance, food is fuel and good looking body composition will follow.

Earn your carbs! (good carbs, not a pizza or donuts after every WOD)

Strength: Choose and stick with a weight for each set of 3:
– 3×3 Power Clean (moderate weight)
– 3×2 Power Clean (add 5#-10#)
– 3×1 Power Clean (add 5#-20#)

Conditioning: Complete the following for time:
– 40 Kettlebell Swings – Russian (Performance: +53/35#, Fitness: 53/35#, Health: 44/26#)
– 30 Box Jumps (Performance: 30/24″, Fitness: 24/20″, Health: land in “power” stance)
– 20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Performance: Muscle Ups, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: Kipping or ring rows)
– 30 Box Jumps
– 40 Kettlebell Swings – russian

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