Friday 1.29.16 – front rack position

 In W.O.D.

Your front rack position (standing, squatting, or lunging) may not look as pretty as Kendrick Farris’ here in a deep deep front squat.  But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to maintain the proper position throughout the entire time.

Strength:  Front Rack Barbell Reverse Lunges 10-10-10-10 (10 total/ 5 each leg) – try to add 5# to each set from last time.

Compare to 11.18.15

Conditioning: AMRAP for 15:00:
– 5 Chin Ups (Performance: Strict, Fitness: kipping – as strict as possible!, Health: Ring Rows)
– 10 Air Squats (perfect Air Squats!)
– 20 Warrior Sit Ups (Performance: V-Ups, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: as high as possible)

Post weights and times to comments.

Reminder, we are fitness testing next week.  The format will be the same as it was prior to the start of the nutrition challenge!  If you don’t recall, look at the “Daily Workout” blog beginning on 12.28.15

This year, instead of programming for the gym, we will be hosting a Friday Night Throwdown for everyone at the gym to do it together!  Any questions or concerns, contact Craig at

Click HERE to sign up!     Team “CF Vacaville North”

We have been invited to participate at the Solano County Home and Garden Show at the Dixon fairgrounds again this February. We had a great turnout last year for participation and we got some good exposure for our gym. The date is Saturday, February 2oth.

Contact Erica at if you would like to join us to demo some fun CrossFit workouts!

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