Friday 9.18.15 – Why the floor press?

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Bench Press or Floor Press 5-5-5-5-5

Why the Floor Press you ask?  Here are a few reasons I like it:
– Less range of motion which can benefit someone who likes to bench but their shoulders hurt every time that they do.
– Effectively makes the lifter pause at the bottom of the lift as their elbows will come in contact with the ground. This takes away the stretch reflex of the muscles and enhances the overall contraction of the muscles. You can observe most people lowering the Olympic bar in the flat bench press very quickly and then “bounce” the bar off their chest. The floor press takes away this momentum.
– The pause at the bottom will increase force production and lock out strength more so than the flat bench press.
– You can’t cheat on the floor press. It effectively takes out the leg drive, elbows flaring out, and other overcompensating movements.  Easier to keep your form in check

:  4 Rounds for Time
– 5 Front Squats (Performance: 185/135#, Fitness: 155/105#, Health: 105/65#)
– 10 Ring Dips (Fitness: Ring Push Ups, Health: Push Ups – as hard as possible)
– 20 Box Step Ups (Performance: 24/20″, Fitness & Health: 18/ 12-15″)
– 200m Run
– 1 Minute Rest

For the Box Step Ups, really try to push off the back leg, and do not lean or press off with your hands on the front leg.

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