Getting power out of push ups – Fri 4.14.17

 In W.O.D.

For today’s WOD, it is one time through.  The weights for the Power Cleans are what they are.  But, try to push it on the rows and push ups.  If you are getting them done in relatively few sets, then you didn’t set the standard hard enough for yourself.

Strength:  Power Snatch 2-2-2-2-2

Conditioning: Complete:
– 30 Hang Power Clean (Performance: 155/105#, Fitness: 135/85#, Health: 95/55#)
– 30 Ring Rows (Performance/Fitness: Top of box and Rings are same height, Health: as low as possible)
– 30 Depth Push Ups to Explosive Rebound* (Performance: stack 3 45’s for each hand, Fitness: 1 or 2 45’s for each hand, Health: Traditional push up – try to speed out of the bottom of the push up)

*Depth Push-Ups to Explosive Rebound Up (Link HERE)

  • Set up two equal-height boxes or benches about 6 inches outside your shoulders.
  • Step in between the boxes and get into the push-up position with your hands on the boxes, feet on the floor and arms extended. Keep your back flat.
  • Take a deep breath and tighten your upper body.
  • Quickly remove your hands from atop the boxes and reach for the floor.
  • As your hands make contact with the floor, quickly decelerate your body’s descent.
  • Wait until your torso has come to within an inch or so away from the floor, then explosively reverse direction and try to push yourself off the floor as high as you can.
  • Land softly with your hands atop the boxes, elbows bent, and repeat.
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