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Happy Father’s Day to all the Compound Fathers!
Go cook some meat on the grill and open up that new tie from your kids!


Why and How to perform Cash-Outs!

Since nearly everyone who begins CrossFit, and even makes moderate changes to their diet, will see a response in both their aesthetics and their strength and conditioning, it’s easy for some people to think more is better.  Many think little about long-term advanced planning or periodization. “Constantly varied” to many means, “make it up as you go along.” Somewhere along the way, some gym started adding “cash out” WODs, because one workout wasn’t enough. Warm-ups became workouts in themselves. Regular benchmark workouts became- Heavy Fran, Heavy Grace, Double Helen, you name it.

Now, I’m not saying there is never a time to do that stuff.  Certainly it has a place, but not outside of a planned, thought out, periodized program.  But to go off the plan, you need a plan to begin with. Not a three-day plan. Not even a thirty-day plan. But a real, periodized plan consisting of macrocycles, mesocycles, and microcycles.  Whether you know it or not, The Compound’s Programming does this!

Full disclosure: Programming is a huge passion of mine. I would probably define myself as a programming snob. And for the life of me, I can’t understand how you can measure progress or even set someone on a path to being more fit without a plan.

I realize that CrossFit’s “First Pillar of Fitness” is to be constantly varied. Constantly varied, however, does not mean pulling your daily programming out of a hopper. And how do you create a long-term growth plan unless you either follow a specific program ?

By program, I am really talking about a periodized, intentional, crafted cycle.  You need a path that allows you to become stronger, faster, or develop new skills.  And you need to allow yourself the time to get there.

Cash Outs

Now I am not opposed to “cash outs”  in a workout, not at all.  In fact, I think “cash outs” are a great way to develop skills to make you better at the conditioning workouts.  The more skilled you are, the higher level of skill you can do in a workout, or the more of a basic skill you can do at higher quality.  But often “Cash outs” are just a mini workout after the workout.  Do more workouts and get better conditioned, right? No! Do more workouts and run the risk of experiencing an adaptation response that leads to a plateau. Twenty-minute butt-kickers day after day will first lead to a plateau, then, in your attempt to overcome the plateau, a thirst for more, then injury.

The purpose of the “cash out” is to have a goal.  If you don’t have a goal, then what is a random second workout going to do for you?  If you want to get pull ups and you have 0, performing a “cash out” of 100 Sit Ups is not going to help.  Doing 2-3 days of skill work on the rings or pull up bar after a workout will!

Coaches will give you a “cash out” or extra work, but it might not be geared towards your goals.  Now ask that same coach for a “cash out” and tell them your goal, and now you can and your coach can begin to form a beneficial “cash out” that will benefit you in the long run and make you fitter.

Just Say No To The high!

How many times have you heard or read this: “My first workout was the Fight Gone Bad, and I was hooked!” You never hear “My first workout was 5 sets of 5 deadlifts, and I was hooked!” We fall in love with CrossFit because of that first butt-kicker. That’s the high! Unfortunately, we often spend the remainder of our CrossFit careers chasing that high. We condition, condition, and condition, until we’re injured, burnt out, de-conditioned, soft, or worse.

I’m certainly not trying to take the fun out of CrossFit. But I can assure you I have much more fun seeing your progress manifested in better skills, new personal records, better overall conditioning, and being able to truly compare and contrast performance over a previous cycle than any individual workout.

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