Hello legs and hips! – Tue 11.14.17

 In W.O.D.

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Conditioning: Reps of 42-30-18:
– Wall Balls (20/14# to 10′, Health: 14/10# to 9′)
– Box Jumps (24/20″, Health: As high as possible landing in power stance)

Box jumps are the most common jump variation in exercise programs for good reason – they decrease joint stress and provide a low stress environment to express power and practice sound landing mechanics.  When compared to the landing height from a vertical jump, the box jump has significantly less compressive stress. Likewise, when compared to the broad jump, the box jump has less shear stress and compressive stress at the knee.  If you are doing them right!   That’s why we like to see people land in a power stance.

Haphazard, random landings allow for sloppy mechanics to take place. Strive for the following:

  • Feet are flat at landing rather than exhibiting an anterior or posterior weight shift.
  • Knees are neutral, rather than in valgus or varus (diving in or diving out).
  • Abs are braced. Any rounding of the back and trunk shows a power leak that will cascade down the kinetic chain.
  • Eyes and chest are up. If your landing in any sport leaves you bent over and looking at the ground, you’ll get lit up.
  • Pause and momentarily hold position at the top of the jump to decrease injury risk.
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