Iron Evolution – Mon 10.24.16

 In W.O.D.

Excerpt from Dave Tate’s Iron Evolution (great book):

Once a lifter has been training seriously for 3-5 years, they enter the most challenging period of their career. Progress slows, injuries mount, and career and family demands all take their toll.  Missed lifts become plateaus, plateaus become slumps, and slumps, once doubt starts to creep in, become ruts. What makes it worse is that you remember, like it was yesterday, how when you started training you grew like a weed.

It falls back to my 4 stages of anything:
1. S&!t
2. Suck
3. Good
4. Great

It doesn’t take much to go from S&!t to Suck – those are your newbie gains. Moving from Suck to Good is a bit harder and takes some discipline and consistency.  Most lifters can expect to move from S&!t to Good within 3-5 years. Granted, genetics plays a factor in how fast one can progress, but even those with lousy genetics can succeed.  Where it gets hard is going from Good to Great. Those that can do it are among the top 10% of what they do – often because it involves doing a few things most people aren’t willing to do.

Although Tate is discussing lifting extremely heavy weight, I think it has a lot of parallel to CrossFit.   A lot of folks begin CrossFit and the cardio aspect leaves them winded and gives them a fulfilling workout.  But soon they get to the “suck” or the “good” stage and they plateau.  Many times, because they get comfortable maintaining the same skills they are used to, and they don’t necessarily push themselves further.

For example, the below Skill work of Pull Ups 4 x max reps.  I see this many different ways.  I can increase the number of reps I do from last time.  I can add weight to my body and do more.  I can go Chest to Bar.  I can decide to work Ring Rows, if i am trying to isolate and strengthen the back more.  I can do negatives.  If I am working towards muscle ups, then I can do ring pull ups, ring pull ups with a false grip, chest to ring pull ups, chest to ring pull ups with a false grip on the knees focusing on the turnover to the top of the rings, or Muscle Ups (bar or rings).

The point is, challenge yourself beyond.  You will never be able to accomplish higher skills in a WOD, if you didn’t practice and perfect them before. (unless you use your WODs as practice, instead of only focusing on getting your “sweat on”)….

: Pull Ups 4 x max reps

Conditioning: “Death by 10 meters”

Sprint 10m the first minute, 20m the second minute, 30m the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete the required distance in the given time. You must cross the line completely at each 10m run. All out effort every minute!


50 Hollow Rocks

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