I’ve seen your improvement! – Thu 2.16.17

 In W.O.D.

*Same thing as we did in “Skill” work the last few weeks.  I’ve seen many of you make amazing improvement in these skills.  I love it when I walk in the gym and seeing people working negatives, or static holds or strict pull ups before or after class.  It’s a long slow process, but improvements will come with patience.

Hopefully you created or begin this week to create a plan for progression in any one of these movements.  Talk to your coach if you need assistance.

Skill: Spend 15:00 practicing Muscle Ups, Strict Pull Ups/Chin Ups, or Kipping Pull Ups or Dips.

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time:
– 15 Barbell Rows (Performance: 185/135#, Fitness: 135/ 95#, Health: 95/55#)*
– 15 Kettlebell Swings (53/35#, Health: 35/26#)
– 15 Burpees over the bar

*Each rep of Barbell Rows begins and ends with the weight on the floor. Avoid the bounce! Often referred to as Pendlay Rows

The CrossFit Open is right around the corner.  CrossFit Open 2017 registration is open now.   Click HERE for more information.  For those interested, we are going to form a team.  For those not-so-interested, we are still going to program the Open workout for the entire gym.  We do this for several reasons.  1) so we can remain a community and do it together.  2) Because when it comes down to it, it’s JUST a CrossFit workout, and only YOU put the pressure to make it harder on yourself!

The Open is Fun!  And every Friday leading up and during the Open, Coach Phil will be doing the workout at 6 pm and would love some of you to join him!  If not, he will still do it alone, because he is one motivated and motivating fool! Let’s have some fun and everything can still be scaled!

Fitness is about progression.  Not doing more work or more reps or more volume (necessarily), but doing better quality movements and stricter, more difficult movements.  Create a plan for progression in any CrossFit movements.  Talk to your coach if you need assistance.

In our PT Fundamentals Program you work with your private coach and complete at least 5 one-on-one or two-on-one personal training sessions that will properly prepare you for the demands of CrossFit group classes. During this time, and even upon graduation, you and your coach will constantly monitor your fitness progress to help you achieve your goals!

This is available for current clients and new clients alike!

For more information, go HERE

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