Longer AMRAP for the trunk – Wed 5.03.17

 In W.O.D.

We are doing another AMRAP, even longer.  Two new movements here, see below for how to execute.

Strength:  Push Jerk 2-2-2-2-2

Conditioning: AMRAP for 20:00:
– 10 Pillar to Plank Press Ups*
– 15 Med Ball to Toes (choose weight – 1 lt + 1 rt = 1 rep)
– 20 DB or KB supported Dead Bug Legs**

*Pillar to Plank Press Ups:

  • Establish a good plank position with feet outside shoulder width apart, legs internally rotated, and hands slightly in front of shoulders
  • Lower one elbow to the ground, focusing on keeping level hips
  • Lower the other elbow to the ground establishing a good pillar position
  • Press one hand into the ground and straighten out one arm
  • Press the other hand into the ground and straighten out the other arm
  • Focus on maintaining completely locked out and internally rotated legs and level hips through entire movement
  • 1 rep is from plank, to pillar, and back up to plank
  • Mix up arm sequence and cadence


**DB or KB supported Dead Bug Legs:


  • Ankles dorsiflexed
  • Knees fully extended, quads locked
  • As close to 90 degree hip flexion as possible, heels towards the ceiling
  • Actively paint the spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone across the ground
  • Drive belly button down towards the ground maximizing trunk activation
  • Keep chin tucked to elongate cervical spine
  • Support kettlebell with a double overhand grip, keeping shoulders retracted


  • Lower kettlebell overhead to ground
  • While holding the kettlebell overhead, extend hips and lower legs as low as possible, maintaining neutral femur and toes forward, without touching the ground, or submitting lumbar contact
  • Return legs back to starting position
  • Once complete with the round, return kettlebell to starting position
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