Monday 1.25.16 – Partner Ball!

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Conditioning:  With a partner, choose a Wall Ball and a Box and complete 3 rounds:
– 400m Run (each partner carries the ball 200m)
– 20 Box Step Ups – alternating and holding the ball
– max. Wall Balls – 1 set each

*DO NOT let the ball touch the ground at any time, or it is a 10 burpee penalty before continuing!
– both partners run the 400m together, just switch the ball halfway
– On the box step ups, partners stand opposite each other with a box in the middle.  Partner A holds the ball and does a step up and back down, tosses the ball to Partner B, and repeat till 20 reps are completed
– For wall balls, Partner A does 1 set of as many NON-STOP wall balls as possible, Partner B repeats

Post partners and total number of Wall Balls to comments.

This year, instead of programming for the gym, we will be hosting a Friday Night Throwdown for everyone at the gym to do it together!

Click HERE to sign up!     Team “CF Vacaville North”

We have been invited to participate at the Solano County Home and Garden Show at the Dixon fairgrounds again this February. We had a great turnout last year for participation and we got some good exposure for our gym. The date is Saturday, February 2oth.

Contact Erica at if you would like to join us to demo some fun CrossFit workouts!

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