Monday 12.28.15 – Fitness Ratings

 In W.O.D.

Nutrition Challenge is starting this Sunday, so we are going to re-check our fitness rating!  The ratings we did last time were Rx’d.  This time if you are doing the nutrition challenge, we are allowing you to use the scaled version you’d like, as long as use the same one at the end of the challenge.

We only did Tier 1 of this fitness rating last time.  This time, over the next three days, we will be doing Tier 1 and Teir 2, for a full rating of our current level of fitness.  Remember, these are just numbers.  The goal is to be better than yesterday every day of this Challenge.  And Have Fun!!!

Skill:  How fit are you test:
– 400m Med. Ball Run (20/14#)
– Max. Push Ups (chest to deck)
– Max. Pull Ups (strict)
– Tabata Squats

*Record your numbers and provide them to Coach Jenna.  Jenna will enter the numbers into our “fitness calculator” and provide you a number at the end of the week.  Keep that number, we will use it again.

Conditioning: For time (10:00 Time Cap):
– 10 Power Cleans (55-65% max Power Clean)
– 50 Sit Ups
– 8 Power Cleans
– 40 Sit Ups
– 6 Power Cleans
– 30 Sit Ups
– 4 Power Cleans
– 20 Sit Ups
– 2 Power Cleans
– 10 Sit Ups

*If you can, go up in weight 5-10 pounds every set


Fitness Rating

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