Monday 3.14.16 – Virtuosity

 In W.O.D.

From the CrossFit Journal‘s article called “Virtuosity” (one of my favorite articles there):  “There is a compelling tendency ….to quickly move past the fundamentals and on to more elaborate, more sophisticated movements, skills, or techniques…..If you insist on basics, really insist on them…..Training will improve, clients will advance faster, and you will appear more experienced and professional and garner more respect, if you simply recommit to the basics.”

You can read the entire article HERE

“Cindy” is one of CrossFit HQ’s benchmark workouts.  But often times people see the basic pull up, push up, and air squat, as simple movements that don’t require focusing their attention on.  After all, after doing Front, Back, Overhead, or Pistol squats, how easy are air squats, for example!?  Don’t fall into this trap.  Think about every rep you do and try to make each rep better than the last.  Focus on “Virtuosity”

Strength:  Push Press 2-2-2-2-2

Conditioning:  “Cindy”
AMRAP in 20:00:
– 5 Pull Ups
– 10 Push Ups
– 15 Air Squats

Compare to 12.31.14

Congrats to all those that are making and achieving both small, or great, goals during The CrossFit Games Open!!!  It is difficult to compete in anything, let alone, something that you have no idea each week what it is going to be!

Reminder:  If you are coming in today to complete the CrossFit Games Open workout, make sure you have a judge (not the coach coaching the WOD) to judge the workout for you.  Set that up in advance!


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