November already – Wed 11.01.17

 In W.O.D.

For the month of November, Sweat Angels will be working with Feed A Billion to provide meals to someone in need. Feed A Billion’s mission is to provide a billion meals by 2020 to help the fight against hunger. Every check-in will provide 1 meal. With the help of your check-ins, we can help them get one step closer to this goal. #givemeals

Strength: Push Press 2-2-2-2-2

Conditioning: “Elizabeth”*
– Clean (Performance: Squat 135/95#, Fitness: Power or Squat- 135/95#, Health: 95/55#)
– Ring Dips (Performance: strict, Fitness: Rx’d, Health: Push up – scaled as needed)

Compare to 6.27.17

*Should “Elizabeth” be done with Full or Power Cleans?  A lot of people (in the CrossFit world) argue about this.  The answer is, Yes.  Do it with one or the other, as long as we set up the rules ahead of time, it doesn’t matter.

“Grace” is 30 Clean and Jerks, but I rarely see anyone do Full Cleans and Split Jerks to complete it.  It’s usually Power or Muscle Cleans with a Push Press or Jerk.  But it still kicks your butt!

For today, I would say if you are below or close to a 5 minute “Elizabeth”, it’s time to up your game!  Try Full Cleans and Strict Ring Dips for time.  Ow!

Benchmark workouts are a great way to test and retest your current fitness level.  There’s a reason we repeat many workouts.  You all should be keeping track of your time, rounds, scores etc.  That is the easiest way to determine improvement.  If your Elizabeth time was 12:10 last time, and it is 11:37 this times, you’ve improved!


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