Why I like the one arm swing – Tue 4.12.16

 In W.O.D.

The one arm KB Swing keeps all the movements in tact from the two hand swing; from posterior chain work, to hip hinging, to even developing the grip and providing some incidental cardiovascular training. But it also adds an anti-rotation component  Try to keep the trunk squared off and facing forward rather than allowing yourself to rotate.  This will work the obliques and shoulders, focusing on stabilizing them a little more and strengthening them in the process.

There are three mistakes many tend to make with their non-working arm and I want to help you avoid them. To get the most out of your training, and to work the things mentioned above, don’t do any of the following:

  1. Hand on Your Hip: focus on the swing, not supporting yourself.  See more from #2
  2. Hand on Your Knee: Stop touching yourself and focus on your swing. By placing your hand on your knee or thigh, you ruin the alignment of your back swing.
  3. Dead Hanging Arm: Swing your non-working arm in unison with your KB arm.  This develops better power and timing through coordination of the movment with your body

Conditioning: AMRAP in 12:00:
– 10 Burpees
– 10 Right Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings (pick weight)
– 10 Left Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings (pick weight)
– 200m Run

Skill:  2000m Row.  Do this in heats and cheer each other on.  This can get lonely!

On Saturday, May 7th, Crossfit ASAP in Dixon is hosting it’s 2nd Annual Regional Scaled Competition for Masters, Adults and Teens.  All the workouts are scaled versions of CrossFit Games Regional workouts.

Mike is contemplating signing up, and it looks fun and doable!

If you want to check it out and learn more and sign up, click HERE


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