Plenty skill work – Fri 2.02.18

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Conditioning: For Quality for 20 minutes of:
10 L pull-ups
10 handstand push-ups
20 hip extensions

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Scaling this WOD
Use this as an opportunity to practice challenging gymnastics movements that focus on trunk strength and kinesthetic awareness. The goal is to complete at least 6 rounds.

For Quality for 20 minutes of:
10 leg-assisted ring pull-ups
10 seated dumbbell presses
15 hip extensions

Experiment with a scaling option that allows at least 5 consecutive reps of each movement in the first two rounds. Watch the video titled The Hip Extension from the CrossFit Journal before starting the workout.

For Quality for 20 minutes of:
10 L pull-ups
10 handstand push-ups
20 hip extensions

If you can’t do multiple sets of 5 reps in the L pull-up and handstand push-up, use the modifications in the video. If it takes more than 1 minute to complete any of the movements, consider decreasing the reps. During the hip extensions, do not sacrifice the stability of the spine for range of motion or speed.

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