Power, Speed, Endurance – Thu 4.06.17

 In W.O.D.

Power Speed Endurance is the site formerly known as CrossFit Endurance.  I used the former to help teach myself the POSE running method to improve my CrossFit training and spare my knees and lower back (which it has done!).  You can still find CrossFit Endurance videos on YouTube, or look at other POSE videos.  I also know some local people in the running world that can help teach POSE!

Skill:  Seated Box Jumps. Go for max height

Conditioning:  For time:
– Run or Row 5K

Power Speed Endurance is a skill & movement-based approach to training for all sports. We specialize in efficient yet effective movement and strength training protocols for the sport-specific athletes. Our goals are your goals: to help athletes achieve personal bests while allowing them to stay healthy, and play the long game. We offer purposeful training and sport-specific technique for improvements in your endurance, stamina, conditioning and strength.

In an age where ‘more is better’, where we rely on technology, the medical community, or some system to tell us how and when to proceed, we offer a return to fundamentals. Power and Speed are the byproducts of skill and physiological development. One can only be gained short term without the other. Endurance is the needed ingredient in any sport or endeavor in that you must be able to last until the end of the game, repetition, or distance.

Power Speed Endurance is a sanctuary of knowledge where athletes can understand and diagnose their own strengths and weaknesses and coaches can grow. We provide education, information, and tools for you to understand, treat and proceed at your own physiological ability allowing you to evolve into a more highly skilled, healthier athlete.

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