Progression – Thu 1.19.17

 In W.O.D.

Fitness is about progression.  Not doing more work or more reps or more volume (necessarily), but doing better quality movements and stricter, more difficult movements.

Skill: Spend 15:00 practicing Muscle Ups, Strict Pull Ups/Chin Ups, or Kipping Pull Ups.

*Same thing as we did in “Skill” work last week.  Hopefully you created or begin this week to create a plan for progression in any one of these movements.  Talk to your coach if you need assistance.

Conditioning: Reps of 21-15-9:
– Power Clean (Performance: 165/115#, Fitness: 135/95#, Health: 95/65#)
– Kettlebell Swing (Perforamance: american 53/35#, Fitness: russian 53/35#, Health: russian AHAP)
– Hand-release Push Up (Health: use knees to assist)

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