Run snatch run – Mon 6.18.18

 In W.O.D.

Warm Up: include Power Snatch/ Snatch

Conditioning: Complete:
– 2.5K Run
– 1 Power Snatch – every minute increasing by 5-10#, till failure
– 2.5K Run

*2.5k Run is one time around the large circle of streets surrounding the gym.

Men: start at 95#
Women: start at 55#

Coaching tips: Snatch the heaviest weight possible, try to get 10 successful reps in. Upon returning from the first run, at the top of the next minute, complete you first lift.  Perform 1 successful Power Snatch, (Snatch, Split Snatch, etc. OK too) in 1 minute. If you are successful, add weight and attempt a Snatch the next minute. Continue on the minute until you are unable to successfully make the lift.

Scaling options: Go for a minimum of 10 successful lifts, even if you have to stay at a weight for a few minutes. If you have to stay at 105# for 3 minutes, because 115# was unattainable on the 7th minute, then do so.

* If your max Power Snatch is under 100#, then begin @ 35# and move up when you can, but get 10 successful reps in. So if you have to stay at a certain weight for every rep, that is fine, just let people by you when they need to.

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