Saturday 1.09.16 – Saturday fun days

 In W.O.D.

Saturday WODs are a great way to introduce a friend to the gym.  It gives them a chance to meet several coaches, workout with a friend, and see that we are not intimidating!

Skill:  Warm ups and movement review

Conditioning:  Come in and find out!

The CrossFit Games Open begins in about 6 weeks!! Sign ups start on 1.14.16. For more info check it out HERE

Watching the Compound Nutrition Facebook Group, you guys are impressing me with the motivation, the recipes and the quickness to help each other! If you haven’t joined the Facebook Group yet, you can join it HERE

And while you’re wasting time on social media, why don’t you give the Built to Last Fitness Podcast page a “Like” as well HERE. We’ll be getting a podcast up next week, after I get back from my weekend of re-upping my CrossFit certification.

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