Skill work – Thu 6.08.17

 In W.O.D.

Skill: Spend 15:00 practicing Muscle Ups.

There is much more to muscle ups then simply trying and failing (or trying and succeeding) on a muscle up.  There are dips, pull ups, chest to bar pull ups, static holds, negatives, strict movements, etc.

*Hopefully you created or begin this week to create a plan for progression in any one of these movements.  Talk to your coach if you need assistance.

Conditioning:  For QUALITY:
– 50 Hollow Rocks
Then, 4 Rounds for time of:
– 20 Weighted Lunges @ you pick weight and how to hold it, challenge yourself
– 10 Ring Rows**
– 50 Hollow Rocks

* For the Weighted Lunges, choose wisely, more weight is not necessarily better.  Focus on posture and position, and not giving up any of it on the way down or the way up.  Move slower than usual.  If you can’t maintain good posture, then go without weight
* *True Rx’d Ring Rows would be feet on a box set at the same height as the rings

This June, we are partnering with Soles4Souls for our 3rd Annual Shoe Drive! Throughout the month, every 10 check-ins will provide one pair of shoes to someone in need. Check-in and help give #shoes4kids!

We are hiring! The Compound, Home of CrossFit Vacaville North, is looking for a full time CrossFit Level 1 certified Personal Trainer.  Here’s a general idea of we are looking for, let us know if you’re ready to join our team!

Primary Job Responsibilities (what to expect but not limited too):
-Lead up to 7 Group Classes/week
-Perform up to 12 Personal Training sessions weekly with our new member Fundamentals Process
Several hours per week on Professional Development and Client Management
-Consulting with prospective clients
-General Gym Tidiness

Email Kyle at

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