Suitcase Deadlift – Tue 5.30.17

 In W.O.D.

Strength:  Suitcase Deadlift 3rm on each side.  Work up incrementally, and only move up when you can do the same weight on each side

Conditioning: “Trunk”
AMRAP for 20:00:
– – :60 sec: 4 way Dead Bugs (Video)
– 10 Med Ball to Toes – Lt+Rt=1 rep
– 10 Single Leg Hip Bridges – 10 Lt + 10 Rt

*Description of Dead Bugs and Hip Bridges below

* 4 way Dead Bugs:

  • Ankles dorsiflexed
  • Knees fully extended, quads locked
  • Establish as close to 90 degree hip flexion as possible, heels towards the ceiling
  • Actively paint the spine from the base of the skull to the tailbone across the ground
  • Drive belly button down towards the ground maximizing trunk activation
  • Keep chin tucked to elongate cervical spine
  • Arms should be extended in a neutral position, with scapulae retracted and making contact with ground


  • While maintaining elbow and knee extension, lower arms and legs towards the ground in a slow and controlled manner
  • Protect home position by painting the spine from neck to tailbone across the ground
  • Return to home position, and repeat
  • Always return to home position before completing the warm up

* Single Leg Hip Bridge:

  • This is a glute activation exercise.
  • Raise one leg so that the thighs are in line with each other.
  • Brace your lower back, squeeze the glute and drive the hips to the ceiling,
  • keeping the thighs in line with each other.
  • Keep your pelvis level by squeezing your glutes and abdomen throughout the movement.
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