Sunday 1.10.15 – Nutrition Challenge info

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We are one week into the Nutrition Challenge and you guys look like you are doing great (at least on Facebook….)!  I love seeing the comments about how people feel.  If the nutrition challenge is only a physical challenge, then maybe you’ll succeed, maybe you won’t.  You need to make a mental connection, not just to motivate yourself to do well, but by noting how you are feeling when you eat certain foods.

Here are some great feedback from some of you on how you are feeling 1 week in:

“Felt more tired so I had to eat more food to replace the denser foods I cut out, but I think it’s working! Lost some weight I gained over the holidays!”

I feel like 2015 me again! Getting rid of the holiday junk from my system is making me feel good again”

“Feeling better this time around. Still need to improve my food prep skills.”

“I’m feeling better already! I was feeling gross and slow and fat. I’m feeling healthier now. Don’t know if I’ve lost weight, but I think I see a little difference.”

“I’ve lost 5 lbs so far, however, I started on 28 December. Starting yesterday though I’ve been feeling really tired. I’m wondering if I need to eat more of something. …”

I’ve learned I CAN live without bread!!! LOL!!! I’ve learned I can eat more. I think I’ve eaten more now than ever before. Ive learned I can still eat “junk” as long as it’s healthy junk. So far so good#breadoholic

That’s a great start people!  Learning about yourself and what works for you!  Keep on motivating each other!

If you haven’t joined the Facebook Group yet, you can join it HERE

The CrossFit Games Open begins in about 6 weeks!! Sign ups start on 1.14.16. For more info check it out HERE

And while you’re wasting time on social media, why don’t you give the Built to Last Fitness Podcast page a “Like” as well HERE. We’ll be getting a podcast up next week, after I get back from my weekend of re-upping my CrossFit certification.

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